Monday, April 26, 2010

The Characters for My PbP Game

As I mentioned in my previous post, the characters are done for the most part. I am still waiting on one more (a Magic-user it looks like). Do to the length of time it take to roll up characters in PbP, I did add some house rules; max hit points at first level, roll 7 sets of 3d6 (arrange as desired and use the leftover for gold), and two weapon fighting (which, surprising to me, no one took).

I will add more as things develop and characters become, well characters.

Morzin the Hunter, 43yo, Male, Elf (Mu/F) - AC 7 [12] (Leather), HP 7, Att Spear (1d6), Save 14 (+2 vs Magic), Special Heredity Foe, Keen Detection, Mv 12 (45lbs), Gold 0, Lvl/XP 1/0 (+5)

Dagon the Mercenary
, 22yo, Male, Dwarf (F) - AC 3 [16] (Plate), HP 7, Att 2H Battle Axe (1d6+1), Save 15 (+4 vs Magic, +1 vs Death / Poison), Special Combat Machine, Heredity Foe, Keen Detection, Hard to Hit, Mv 6 (100lbs), Gold 3gp, Lvl/XP 1/0 (+0)

Garen the Wanderer, 20yo, Male, Human (F) - AC 5 [14] (Chain), HP 7, Att 2H Sword (1d6+1), Save 15, Special Combat Machine, Mv 12 (75lbs), Gold 20gp, Lvl/XP 1/0 (+0)

Talyanna the Holy Woman, 22yo, Female, Human (C) - AC 5 [14] (Chain), HP 6, Att Mace (1d6), Save 14, Special Spell Casting, Banish Undead, Mv 12 (70lbs), Gold 2gp, Lvl/XP 1/0 (+0)

Balan the Guard(ian), 23yo, Male, Human (F) - AC 3 [16] (Plate), HP 7, Att Long Sword (1d6+1), Save 15, Special Combat Machine, Mv 9 (85lbs), Gold 0gp, Lvl/XP 1/0 (+5)



  1. I will also hold a place in my heart for both Dagon (well, sort of a place in my heart) and Groo the Wanderer.. both of whom your PCs Dagon and Garen immediately brought to mind, however distant the comparison. Any inspiration to them there?

  2. Not that I have heard of, but I am sure to mention it in our Out of Character (OOC) thread now. I am afraid I am not familiar with the Dagon connection, but Groo the Wanderer will always be my first fantasy hero!



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