Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sally Forth

Dwarven Bezerker, Power Level 4 (60pp)
Sally is a Blacksmith whose skill of crafting steel is better than her ability to barter. To this end, she is taken by her customers on a regular basis. Locals know better, they have seen her anger get the better of her. She is not much of a fighter, but watch out when she gets riled up and goes for her maul.

Templates: Dwarf (Racial) (16pp)

Trade Offs: -1 Attack/+1 Damage

Abilities [11pp]: Strength 12 (+1) / 16* (+3), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 14 (+2), Intelligence 14 (+2), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 11 (+0)

Saves [12pp]: Toughness +3 (+6 Chainmail), Fortitude 4 (+6/+8*), Reflexes 4 (+4), Willpower 4 (+5/+7*)

Combat [8pp]: Attack Bonus +1 /-1* [Melee: +4/+2*, Maul: +5/+3*], Base Defense +6/+4* [dc16/14*], +1 Flatfooted [dc11/ 9*], Initiative +0, Grapple +3/+5* (+9 resist*), Knockback -4, Hero Points 1

Damage (dc): Unarmed +1/+3* (dc16/18*), Maul +5/+7* (dc20/21*)

Skills [2pp]: Bluff 2 (+2), Craft (Artistic) 4 (+4), Sense Motive 2 (+3)

Feats [16pp]: Attack Focus (melee) 3, Attack Specialization (maul) 2, Dodge Focus 3, Equipment 2 (10ep), Favored Opponent (Giants, Goblins) 2, Hardy, Rage, Steadfast, Tough

Powers [11pp]:
"Thick as a brick." [Density 1; Extras: Duration (Continuous), Flaws: Permanent, Power Feats: Innate, Note: +2 Strength] (2pp)
"Old as an Oak" [Feature 1 [Longevity] (1pp)
"Stout" [Shrinking 1 [Extras: Compression (+3), Duration (Continuous), Normal Strength, Normal Toughness, Flaws: Permanent, Power Feats: Innate] (7pp)
"Vision of an Owl" [Super Sense 1 [Infra-vision] (1pp)

Equipment [10ep]: Maul +4 [Crit. 20, 5ep], Chainmail [+3 Toughness, 3ep], Small Shield [+1 Dodge / Block, 2ep]

Build Notes:
  • * Is stats for Rage Feat
  • Density causes Strength to start at +2 (12)
  • Racial Template is Constitution +2 (12), Charisma -2 (8)
  • First character with M&M rules in a long time, so some things may have been miscalculated 
Change Log: Miscalculated the dc for unarmed attacks. I was thinking, for some reason, that unarmed started at 10+ damage bonus and lethal started at 15+ damage bonus. ~ Thanks Naturax!


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      For those reading this, I gloat because JD had done tons of work on Fantasy conversions for Mutants & Masterminds well before Warriors & Warlocks came out. If his stuff would have been published in a single source years ago I would have owned it. Not to mention that this blog might very well have been a Fantasy M&M site instead of an older D&D blog.



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