Saturday, February 26, 2011

More 'Painting!'

I decided to try something that I have never done before; painting on the computer. I have been familiar with GIMP for some time, working on maps and such, but never tried to do something artsy with it. I think what I have done so far isn't too bad. Just will have to keep at it and see how it turns out...

By the way, I am reserving the rights to these images and all subsequent images (to include the finished image) to ChicagoWiz.

Background w/out sketch overlay:
Background with sketch overlay:

So, what do you think thus far?



  1. Wow! You're far beyond what I could do.. and please do keep the rights to yourself. It's just cool seeing the picture come to life. You could put this on your new supplement "Fighters & Mages - Working Together for Positive Harmony" :D

  2. Well, no matter how it turns out, I have learned ALOT about 'painting' with computer applications. The way that I have done it is far from optimum. I may have to start from scratch, but at least it is only about an hour and a half. Of which I have learned a great deal...

    Glad you like it,


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