Sunday, February 20, 2011

Been A While...

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted anything here. Do to some unfortunate personal issues I haven't had time for much past reading other's blogs, that I am subscribed to. But, for the few that follow along, I have every intention of continuing on with my Ukarea setting: Humanity's Reign and Ruin.

While I intended to go with Sword & Wizardry: White Box, I am beginning to lean more towards the Dark Dungeons rules set now. Mainly do to my familiarity and love for it's inspiration (Rules Cyclopedia) and the recent shake up of White Box, that I am not prepared to comment on at the moment.

I still have to delve into the legal-ese of Dark Dungeons, but "Dark Dungeons published 2010, no Copyright is asserted on the original text found in this work." does sound promising assuming a OGL page at the end of my publication will suffice.

With the re-discovery of Building the Perfect Class at Breeyark, I feel motivated to rebuild the classes from the ground up to better fit the setting that I have in mind. Especially the dark fantasy side, Humanity's Ruin, which will be demi-human centric. I think this all (Dark Dungeons and Building the Perfect Class) ties well into what I am gunning for.

More to come soon, promise.


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