Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mapping Population Experiment: Part Four

More mapping population experiments.

Part One: Making the map.
Part Two: Hodge-podge of both The 25 Mile Hex and Bat in the Attic suggestions.
Part Three: Done solely with The 25 Mile Hex guidelines.
Part Four: Here it comes baby...

Another look at the map:

Yes, I added some things. Adding up all the 1 mile hexes that have production land, I came up with 91 one mile hexes (20 center settlement, 29 manors, 42 for the seven villages). Taking 91 one mile hexes and multiplying it by .865 (The square miles in 1 one mile hex, per The Welsh Piper) I got 78.715 square miles. I will call this 79 square miles for simplicity.

I image that this land is equally good for both planting and live stock. I decide to say 60% (48sq miles) is agriculture, 25% (20sq miles) herd animals, and 15% (11sq miles) swine.

Agricultural takes 30 ABM (able bodied men) to work and can feed 320 ABM. This leaves a net surplus of 290 per sq mile. 290 x 48sq miles is 13920 (10440 at 75%)

Herd animals take 50 ABM to herd and will feed 500 ABM. This is a surplus of 450 per sq mile. 450 x 20sq miles is 9000 (6750 at 75%)

Swine take 100 ABM to care for them and will feed 800 ABM. This is a surplus of 700 per sq mile. 700 x 11sq miles is 7700 (5775 at 75%)

Total number of ABM that can be fed, above and beyond the required care takers, is 22965. Now how to break that down over 29 Manors, 7 Villages and 1 centralized settlement? Not to mention that I just noticed that I missed the listing for Manors: 1 historical manor will need 70 able bodied men for labor and will feed 750 people, when I went to see if there was guidance on this.

I think if I would have drawn the map differently, the Bat in the Attic formulas would have been much easier and would have resulted in a different feel for the setting. But, I drew the map with the layout guidance of The 25 Mile Hex first. Perhaps I will go back and do a map that I think would work better with Bat in the Attic's formulas. I think it would be more similar to his maps if I did do so.

To be fare to both, I want to go back and do just that. Off to hexographer...

Have fun... go map!

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