Monday, March 14, 2011

Mapping Population Experiment: Part Three

After a horrendous Blogger meltdown in my last post I decided that, though fun, the way I was approaching it was needlessly complicated. To that end I want to see what the central settlement will turn out to be based on The 25 Mile Hex approach vs the Bat in the Attic tables.

First up: using The 25 Mile Hex.
  • 7 Villages = 100 urban and 250 rural able bodies (ea. has a surplus of 50 able bodies which can support 25 others, for a total of 175 able bodies in the central settlement.) 1
  • 29 Manors = 100 urban able bodies (since they are all rural, they can support 50 able bodies ea. for a total of 1450 able bodies in the central settlement.)
Total: 1625 able body adults in the central settlement. Or, a total population of 7312 (Large Town)

(1) I still have a question out to The Hex Master as to whether the numbers on his blog are inverted. He has 250 urban and 100 rural able bodies to a village, which in my mind does not make it 'self sufficient' as described if it follows the 2 rural:1 urban formula.

That took all of 5 minutes and came up with a total population of the Town close to what I had originally. I can also easily extrapolate the military force within the 25 mile hex... This method does have some potential.

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