Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leaning on Freeform

Thanks to  Talysman telling me where to find what I sought in my last post, I now have more to think about. I want to finish my Population Mapping Experiment first before I delve too deeply into it, but for now, I will throwout my initial thoughts on the Free-form Magic System he linked to for me and how I might want to adapt it to the Ukarea setting:

  • Magic will probably follow the verb-noun format commonly found in such free-form magic systems, and may include adjectives for additional oomph.
  • Magic is rare and scorned in Ukarea for the most part.
  • Magic will be difficult and taxing for casters. Modification of DCs, not common in OE/Basic D&D, should be addressed.
  • Not sure if I want to retain separation between Mages and Clerics, or even if I want to keep a traditional Cleric in the setting at this point.
  • Magic will be primarily elemental based, do to the setting history (which I realize I may not have even covered on the blog yet.) Using magic directly on 'life forces' is going to have to take mastery in the magic to do, as it is a culmination of all the elements.
More to come, once I have finished the Population Mapping Experiments,

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