Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Mini-Gazetteer Development

Further development on the mini-gazetteer that sprung from the Mapping Population Experiment post. I narrowed down the central settlement and cordoned off the various manors into Baronies. To be honest, this kinda goes against previous experiences I have with the BECMI and Rules Cyclopedia, where a Barony was a 24 mile hex. I guess I can live with this, it is my world after all. Plus issues that might arise doing this can do nothing but help me with Ukarea...

((Edited 3/24/2011 for the sake of my OCD Sanity!))

Introducing, The County Barony of Malvethan!

Based on the guidance, again from The 25 Mile Hex blog, an individual can only rule either five holdings or vassals. So I went to lumping the manors present into groups of five by what made sense. I did make some smaller for originality. This gave me the eight baronies Estates, designated with dotted lines. The Eight baronies Estates could not be managed by a single Lord Vassal Knight, so I am assuming that there are two Viscounts Vassal Knights (?) who are then governed by the Count Baron living in The City of Yorkcast. I am planning on giving each Viscount Vassal Knight (?) a Keep, one in the North and the other in the South. As well as flesh out the humanoid / monster population once I get the political portions done.

Heading straight to the first Barony write up...


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