Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Derailed Again By ADD!

While working on my first barony of the mini-gazetteer, I was fishing for a good stat block and ran across another Bat in the Attic post that I had bookmarked for an alternate alignment system. He blogged about the Four Humors, which now has me looking into them.

I never got Alignment, to me, most things "good" or "bad" depend on which side of the line you stand on. Now, don't get me wrong, some things are universally bad, but for role-playing games I'd rather look at disposition and motivations. Especially when you are considering an NPC stat block.

The search for the Four Humors brought me here and showed me this:
Now that is handy! Eight adjectives aligned top to bottom screams, "1d8!" to me. But, Melancholic, Choleric, Snquine, and Phlegmatic, did not even speak to me. I am just not that intellectual. So off I went... which led me to the Five Temperments. I found a great site for the Five Temperments, that broke it down into actions in short paragraphs for me. Better, but not quite what my 'tween' kids would want to dive off into...

Ah ha! Ureka even! In the age of texting, I find this....
 Now that is something I can work with. I can even emoticon them for stat blocks!

Supine  < )  Servant-Leader "I answer to a higher authority."
Sanquine  > )  Fun Loving Attention Grabber "All the world's a stage."
Meloncholy  < (  Idealized Perfectionist "Artist-Poet in search of kindred soul.."
Choleric  > (  Control-orientated "When I say jump..."
Phlegmatic  = |  Reserved, Quiet, Peacemaker "Aummmm"

Supine/Sanguine  = )
Sabguine/Choleric  > |
Choleric/Meloncholy  = (
Meloncholy/Supine  < |

Nice, now I just have to come up with some motivation, or rather motivations for my NPCs.

Off to Google!

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