Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Wondering Mind.

Last night, when I couldn't sleep, I started thinking about making the 25 mile map that I did for the Mapping Population Experiments posts (which I haven't finish and intend to today) into a small Gazetteer. (Perhaps my mind wondering is why I couldn't sleep) But, the train of thought was interesting none-the-less. It started with me looking at the blog stats and seeing what people were looking at. I want to work on Ukarea, but I want to put out interesting material too. What's the point of putting it on a blog if no one reads it? I could just as easily do it in a three ring binder. I noticed heightened interest in the Sara Bellum, an Elegia Character, post that I statted up for that rules set.

Glancing over the post to see if I could discover the interest, I noticed that there was something that I liked: Attribute Checks. With this in mind, and an attempt to put myself asleep reading the section on creating settlements in the 3.5 DMG, I thought this might work well for NPCs, to represent their 'skill'. I don't care for a full blown skill system, but a trade/background system might work well. Perhaps for every 5 years of experience a +1 modifier to the Attribute Check would be in order. This could also be utilized to represent the quality of equipment/materials that a 'professional' produces. Perhaps the Attribute Check roll represents the 'save' for that material item. "Ol' Thomas weaves the best ropes in four Baronies...."

Just getting my thoughts down so they, hopefully, won't keep me up tonight.


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