Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elegia: Character

I have been interested in Elegia for some time. It might be something that I will look into as a rules base for Ukarea instead of Dark Dungeons. It is a bit lighter than DD, weighing in at svelte 42 pages. To check it out, I created the following character in minutes....

Sara Bellum
1st Level Female Rogue Hob

Strength: 7   (+0, 3-in-6)
Dexterity: 9   (+1, 4-in-6)
Intelligence: 6   (+0, 3-in-6)
Willpower: 7   (+0, 3-in-6)

Hit Dice: 3 (16hp)
Skills: Craft 1, Stealth 2, Perception 1
Resistance: +1
Move: 5"
Gold: 10

Equipment: Broad Sword (D+1, 15G, 1/4st), Dagger (D-1, 5G, 1/8st), Bow-Short (D, 30G, 1/4st), Arrows x20 (20G, 1/4st),  Leather Armor (DF7, 20G, 1st)  1 7/8st

Hob Bonuses: +1 Resistance, +1 Attack w/ Missiles, +1 Stealth, Surprised 1-in-6
Hob Penalties: Movement 4", Limited to 4 Stones + Strength Mod, Min Willpower 6, No 2-Handed
Rogue Bonuses: Wield Any Weapon, Crit on Natural 11&12 for +2D Damage, Unencumbered +1"
Rogue Penalties: Restricted to Leather/Chain,

I am sure I missed some of the minute' with the character, but I can live with that...


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