Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1d6 or Variable Weapons Damage?

Over on the Blood of Prokopius blog, the discussion of Variable Weapons Damage using Holmes & Cook. Now, not one to get involved in various version discussions, I was compelled to address Variable Weapons Damage vs. a straight d6 damage model. As I stated there, I grew up on BECMI D&D and have recently switched to S&W:WB. One of the reasons, and as my previous poll alluded to, is that I no longer see a successful 'hit' as a blood drawing wound. So, if I don't, then why make a larger weapon do more damage? I can easily see a dagger wielding foe causing me to 'dance' from a flurry of slashes and thrusts in a round much more so than the swipe of a large axe. Granted a large axe will probably kill me faster when it does connect, as opposed of a death of a thousand cuts from a small blade.

All that said, I had been planning on going with a HP = Stamina / STR = Wound combat exchange anyway, so why not take it a tad further? What if a fast dagger wielding foe did 1d10 'damage' to my Stamina (aka HPs) but only did 1d4 to my STR once real 'wounds' started flowing? And a battle axe flailing barbarian does 1d4 'damage' to my Stamina and 1d10 to my STR?

Or at least something resembling that, should I ever have the desire to go back to Variable Weapons Damage.

Please, go check out my ramblings on Blood of Prokopius, where I might have made more sense, and have a look around. Nice blog if you haven't been there. Tell 'em a rambling idiot sent ya.  = )


By the way, I am heavily sedated on bed-rest at the moment, so please bare with me.

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