Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini-Gazetteer: Thought Experiment

I got side-tracked doing research for Ukarea and thought I would take a break and work on the Mini-Gazetteer. I have the map I created earlier, and wanted to work on populations and how they corresponded to each other before adding a bit of detail to the notable NPCs. I started with this:
Originally I had some ideas, but none near enough to get a feel for the whole setting. So, I turned to some randomness and color:

1d6 (Ruler is:)
1-2  Lawful  (Yellow)
3-4  Neutral  (Green)
5-6  Chaotic  (Black)

1d6 (Ruler is X by Populace:)
1-2  Opposed (Red)
3-4  Neutral  (Blue)
5-6  Supported  (Lt Green)

I was going to elaborate on the results, but think that I will leave it up to the interpretation of any GM that might want to use it.

Immediately things jump out at me; take the Haverosse Estate in the South-East. The estate's Vassal Knight is Neutral and opposed by his populace. The other two Haverosse Knights are Chaotic and the populace is ambivolant. Perhaps the Vassal Knight's people are unruley do to the success of the other two Haverosse Knight's? Perhaps, if the Chaotic Haverosse Knights throw in with the supported Chaotic Knight in the Urullik Estate, they could overthrow the Lawful Urullik Vassal Knight there? The supported Neutral Urullik Knight would probably not interject, and the Neutral Haverosse Vassal Knight could be usurped, turning the two estates 'Chaotic' and against the Baron in short order? As long as the populace in Haverosse did not change their oppinion of their rulers for doing so. (Reaction Roll please...)

I like it. Falls into the inspirational, without giving too much mind-numbing detail, I believe.

(other than my spelling sucks: Blogger doesn't seem to want to assist me with it today)


  1. I like this quite a bit — it is evocative.

    What stands out to me is how relatively Chaos-friendly the south and east tends to be in comparison to the north and west. Are these two separate cultures that fall inside an artificial political border? Are the Chaos-friendly folks that way because they baulk at the ethnicity of their rulers rather than ally themselves with evil?

    The two estates that jump out at me are Codamor and Ognurlar. The first because it is so black and white. The populace is obviously very Lawful. The latter because of the one Lawful ruler who is opposed — what is he doing wrong? Is there an ethnic conflict going on? Is this the beginning of a successful propaganda campaign seeded by spies from Bytenyr? from Rethysek?

    Fun stuff.

  2. Thanks FrDave! I too think it was thought provoking, and in a way that every GM would have a different explanation to each of your questions.

    In Codamor, I saw the chaotic ruler possibly siding with the other choatic 'movement' (that I perceived to his East in the original post), and the other two Manor Knights, not liking this, have rallied their own populace in support. Their populace supporting them in their opposition to the single choatic ruler in their estate could explain why the chaotic knight there is opposed by his people?

    As for Ognurlar, I hadn't formulated an idea there yet, but... *roll* *roll* the Baron, for whatever reason is chaotic (possibly covertly) and supported. Perhaps he is the one planting seeds of descention within his own Barony? Perhaps it is the Baron's 'evil' mage advisor? How's that for a cliche?

    Or, perhaps the Baron's wife is unfaithful, and having an affair with Sir Haverosse (Vassal Knight in the chaotic South East) and they are stirring things up in an attempt to have the Baron over-thrown and imprisoned, so they can share the throne?

    It is amazing just how much I can get from this simple thought experiment. Glad you too seem to have had a similar experience!



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