Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Was Bound To Happen

It has happened again... I have had a mind jarring revelation when I should be working/writing on my latest projects. Based on a small fact, that I am sure others are already aware of, when it comes to role-playing; I am Lex Luthor.

First allow me to brain dump the sources of this epiphany before I elaborate:

Zak talked about, "Sandboxes And The Roguish Work Ethic"

Beedo commented that, "Story Matters, But Loot Pays the Bills"

Answers, in part, to my earlier "Click... Click... Boom!" post about Motivations. Both address Player motivation more, but they do give me some insight. 

I grok why and how to get a Player to push headlong into a dungeon of traps, mystery, and dark, but I am still floundering why the Character would do so without it being a game of Russian Roulette...


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