Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Locked" In Combat....

Yes, it has been a while. I am tired, lacking individuality, and creativity at the moment. But, I have to get back to blogging....

I just wanted to expound on something I thought of while reading through, and cleaning out, some blog posts in my bookmarks. Namely on these from Zak and Telecanter back in... April, I believe.

Procedural Lockpicking - by Telecanter 

Making Picking Locks Fun, Disarming traps + Die Drop Fumbles - by Zak 


I think based on reading these and my current project, I wonder how cool it would be to make this into a combat mechanic? Something like:

  • (1) Bump = Block
  • (2) Probe = Thrust
  • (3) Rake = Slash
  • (4) Twist = Dodge
Need to take out a goblin, roll 4d4 and read them as what must be done to take them out: (2-Thrust, 4-Dodge, 4-Dodge, 3-Slash). Once the Player 'unlocks' the necessary move combination they get to describe how the Goblin is taken out. If they miss by one, they are 'stiff' and all unsolved dice are re-rolled (randomized)? If they miss by two, they are 'jammed', take a wound, and all unsolved dice are randomized?

In the spirit of Trollsmyth's "Shields Shall Splinter", perhaps getting 'jammed', the character could sacrifice a shield or some armor to avoid it like Zak's "Get out of jam free" cards?

I have NO idea what I am talking about actually but the idea sounds interesting... Not very Old School, but... hey, I'm blogging again!

As always,

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