Saturday, December 17, 2011

Village Of Nickime

A quick post to show the Large Village of Nickime that I created from the "It's All About The Quarters" post I did yesterday. Again I want to thank Talysman, for the motivation/inspiration. I haven't gotten into digesting his response on the last post, but soon will.

*Edit: Roger, over at Roles, Rules, and Rolls, took creating settlements with coins even further with several interesting twist!*

Without further ado, here is the map of Nickime:
A Keep was placed for the quarter, and merchant/craftsmen got a larger building. Then I just added ten houses per fifty cent piece. Here is what the original map looked like, if you missed it:
I was initially worried about the placement of the Church/Shrine, but when I did the rough map I think it turned out okay.



  1. Interesting. Just curious - what did you use to map this?

  2. I was viewing it in Paint and just started editing it, and that's how it turned out. Not great by no means, but it will do in a pinch. I am comfortable with it I suppose. Only took a few minutes. Other apps would have made a better map, but I like the speed of Paint.

    I drew around the coins, then erased each in turn. Filled that area and used the eraser to clear out the buildings and refill them with black. Then some fiddling.



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