Thursday, September 9, 2010

Top Ten Purchased RPGs I Want to Play Right Now...

After yesterdays Top Ten Free RPGs I Want to Play Right Now post, I thought I would see what I could come up with as far as Purchased RPGs...

Again, in no particular order...

True20 (General Fantasy or Bloodthrone Setting preferred)
Mouse Guard
Fairy's Tale
Dogs in the Vineyard
Mutants and Masterminds
Shadowrun (2nd Edition)
Mechagenesis (True20 Transformer Setting)
Warriors & Warlocks (Yes, technically a genre book for Mutants and Masterminds)

Well... I guess I need to dig through my books.


Rules Cyclopedia (or BECMI, well, maybe not I)
Mechwarrior (Think it was Second Edition)

Little harder to pull this list together. Interestingly enough, I don't mind paying for books but my penchant has been on rules lite as of late and those tend to be free for the most part. Some of the PDFs might have been sold, but I can't recall which were free and which I purchased... Sad I know, but I have ALOT of them!

Night fellow gamers,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Top Ten Free RPGs I Want to Play Right Now...

Thinking about what I would like to play next, I got to ruminating on my options, and several great systems came to mind. I thought about the myriad of free systems out there, and what I would liked to play the most right now. So, I thought I would lay the top ten down here that I am currently interested in:

In no particular order.... Title (Genre)

FATE (Universal)
Swords & Wizardry (Fantasy)
Elegia (Fantasy)
HiLo Heroes (Supers)
Warrior, Rogue, & Mage (Fantasy)
Wushu (Universal)
Micro Lite 20 (Fantasy)
Mini-Six (Universal)
Dungeon Squad (Fantasy)

Wow, the first nine went rather quick, but now I am back to my old ADD hangup I have about all the Retro-Clones. I can NOT pick favorites past Swords & Wizardry... Guess I would be leaning toward Dark Dungeons at the moment. just so I could find out if it would satisfy my nostalgic desire for some BECMI (RC).