Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So the Rolling Begins

Pulling out the dice, firing up Hexographer, and pulling up my old blank Ukarea (TM) map...

1d4+1= 2 (200 hundred) + 2d10 = 2,9 (29 years) - So the new Barony will be 229yrs old (Recorded Time). Not a founding Barony by no means, but falls into what I suspect will be about average.

5d6 = 21 hexes (6mi each) - where to plunk my first undertaking?

So I chose a chunk of land from the Ukarea (TM) map, and picked 21 hexes and blew it up!
Each small hex is now equal to one mile across, or from center to center. Keeping in mind that a hex at this scale has an area of only .866 square miles I can continue by placing Farm Land to determine the number and density of the populace and use 'Arable' land and figure out how many people could be supported the dominion by rolling 6d4x2 for each such hex.

Additional Note: If each Farm Land hex has 6d4x2 farmers, then subtracting that from 180 (the number of persons it could support with its resource) I can figure out how many people are living in settlements.

More to come as I splash in farmlands and tinker a bit...

Hope you enjoy it! My OCD is being sated!


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