Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where did who go!?

I really must find a way to organize all the wonderful things I find on blogs and forums better. Now that I have a blog, and its associated 'blog list', I have found a plethora of knowledge and can stay up with other blogs that I like. Unfortunately this is a double edged sword. Now I CAN stay up with them and I spend hours reading them, and Forums, while not being too productive anywhere else. To add insult to injury though, I forget to bookmark truly inspirational discussions (my Favorites are unmanageable as it is), and when I want to go back to them I can't remember where I read them.

So, where in the words of the Internet are the discussions about advancing your Nemesis NPC (kind of like a mini-game for the GM rolling out your arch-nemesis' agenda) and a discussion on Creating Mini-Settings (or was it Mini-Mega Dungeons) in the vein of a One Page Dungeon that was inspired by Mega Dungeons, but had 3 locals that were meant to advance characters to fourth level before they got out of the AO? This one even had suggested XP, Gold, and Monster ratios.

I went this way, the Internet went that way. I said, "Where did it go?!" The Internet said, "Where did who go?!"

Happy gaming and may all your monsters be IC,


  1. The "mini-mega dungeon" was actually a micro-megadungeon over at Swords of Minaria. I couldn't find it myself until I remembered I had posted about it once, and tracked down my response to the concept.

    Advancing a nemesis NPC? Sounds vaguely familiar. I did something similar with scriptless planning (basically, random nemesis agendas) and bottom-up plotting (random selection of villain from available NPCs.) But there might have been something someone else wrote that was more specifically about Nemesis character level advancment, if that's what you mean.

  2. @Talysman, You are indeed a life saver! Thanks. I managed to find the NPC villain write-up and plan to put that in a blog post tonight or tomorrow. I will have to check out your NPC advancement notes. The micro-megadungeon is a life saver.. well, more of a motivator. I want to use the inspiration of it to do a level 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 three module series.

    Thanks again!


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