Friday, May 28, 2010

Still Undecided

Now that I have slept on it and read up on it... I still have not decided how to determine the largest settlement in the barony, but I have a few ideas.

  • I think that whether the barony is standalone, or part of a larger dominion, should have a direct reflection on the size of the largest settlement in the barony. A barony that was part of a duchy for example, might have a city as a trade center, as it is receiving outside trade goods and would likewise want to have a communal place to bring it's goods and services to trade with the duchy.
  • The age of the barony should also have a direct effect on the size of the largest settlement. I have already established a 1d4+1 for this setting to determine the number of centuries the dominion has been established. I could use that as a modifier.
  • The size (square mileage) of a barony, to a lesser extent will determine the number, size, and location of settlements. Not to mention that a larger dominion could be a perceived a threat, in which case it might be concurred, or it might actually be a threat and be the ruling barony of a march.
  • As many of the larger dominions, at least in the Rules Cyclopedia, are defined on whether some or all of the combined baronies were the result of conquest, I might want to factor that in as well, based on the above thought.
Guess it is time to work on some random tables.


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