Monday, February 20, 2012

Points of Clarification

To clarify, the above map, in my previous post, the scale is 528ft for the small hex and 13200ft (2.5mi or 1 league).

What I want to do now, is figure out if I want to think of it as City Works or what, when it comes to population. City Works, IIRC, wanted 500'x500' blocks of 100 people each. I think I used a population density site for the above, that I don't have access to here at work, but...

I estimate the 'city' at 95 hexes (528ft ea), so 9500 people +/- using City Works. Which is close to what I was using when writing the original post (somewhere around 10240 IIRC). Not sure if I will run with that or look into staying with my Excel Spreadsheet and use a % of Urban/Rural to flesh out settlements. The City Works approach seems easier for the settlement, but how do I determine the % of arable land around it that it will take to support it?

Mr OCD is pushing me to do a spreadsheet with some random calculations that will identify the size of the settlement, its footprint, how much farm land would take to support it, how much actual farm land there is, and if the settlement is working within a surplus or deficit as far as food goes... that would also give me some information I can go on for the settlement too; random tables for food/ppl ratios... too many ppl, not enough food, roll on the plague and petulance random table, more food than ppl and you have a 'rich' settlement.... etc.

Dang, back to work!



  1. Fight the OCD! Be strong.

    Think about how many other hexes you could detail if you avoid the spreadsheet.

  2. Brendan, rationally I get what you are saying, I do. I mention it in passing on the blog, but I really do have mild to moderate OCD. For example, I haven't posted because, the next step for me, and this mini-setting, is detailing the settlements and doing some random tables. You know, flesh it out. And EVERY time I look at the above map I wonder is it 'right'? Am I figuring a legitimate and sustainable setting? Thankfully my OCD doesn't go into the economical realm or I would be hosed!

    Now, the Excel Spreadsheet and a bit about me, I work with computers all day. I can do that because you put in raw data and get 'right' out. If I can figure out how I want to do it (figure settlement populations and such), so that it is consistent and 'right', then if the Spreadsheet kicks out x number of people, in x hexes, feeding x families, etc. maybe I can leave this particular OCD tic behind me.

    I hope that makes sense and explains a little why there are so many unfinished projects here on the blog...



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