Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving On A Budget

Over at Untimately, Brendan spoke about Wilderness Movement Costs and how to 'move on a budget'.

I really liked the idea and have decided to convert it to my thoughts of movement by time, where I have decided to think of traveling not as distance, but as time.

So, without further ado, a version of Brendan's tables with time equivalents for a league (2.5 miles) of travel:

EncumbranceMovement Budget
Unencumbered10 Hours
Lightly Encumbered8 Hours
Heavily Encumbered6 Hours

Unlike Brendan, I chose not to differentiate statistically between forms of locomotion; foot, horse, wagon, etc. For me, as an example, horses and such move at roughly the same walking speed as a person on foot with equivalent loads, or, a horse with a heavy load is going to move about as fast as a human with a heavy load. Granted, the weight of that load is significantly different, but hopefully you get my meaning. It is not until you get into forced marching and running that things change dramatically, but even then, it will all be about time. How long can you do it before giving out? This, at least for me, can be adjudicated on the fly.

Now on to the costs:

TerrainExamples Movement Cost Becoming Lost
Average Clear, City, Grasslands, Road*, Trail*
1 Hour
1 in 6
Moderate Forest, Hills, Desert, Badlands
1.5 Hours
2 in 6
Difficult Mountains, Heavy Forest, Jungle, Swamp
2 Hours
3 in 6

* Moving along Roads, or well marked Trails, does not result in a risk of Becoming Lost.

I would like to thank Brendan for pointing me to this simple and hopefully easy to master system. Thanks!



  1. Interesting variation. The lack of trasport mode differentiation makes it a bit easier to adjudicate on the fly. I would be curious to see how this works out in play.

    By the way, it looks like some table html somehow got stuck in your link back.

  2. Brendan, Thanks. I hope it is easier to run in-game as well. I have been on horses, and been around them a bit IRL, and the speeds are comparable. I would easily allow a +2 hour buffer to a horse's budget, as their stamina is considerably higher, but maintenance is higher too. I could also easily see a -.5 hour budget reduction for a wagon for each difficult hex one moved through.

    I also fixed the link. I couldn't figure out how to do the tables in the WSIWUG, so reverted to HTML code. I must have inadvertently CTR+V there somehow when I was making the second table. Been a while since I had played with HTML... ick.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. It seems to me that giving people different amount of time for movement completely defeats the purpose of using time in the first place. I'd rather see a chart with rows for terrain and columns for encumbrance levels. So a Clear hex will take one hour for unencumbered, 1.25 hours for lightly or 1.66 for heavily encumbered. (or whatever, the actual values don't matter). That way, 1 hour of movement is always 1 hour of game time.


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