Sunday, March 4, 2012

BANG! Hexographer Pro Baby!

With the current sale going on over at Inkwell Ideas, I broke down and bought the Hexographer Pro Software. I am so glad I did! Making 'Child Maps' has become a snap. I couldn't resist zooming in on Skelan and seeing what popped up!

Scale: Each Small Hex = 528 ft (Large Hex = 2640 ft)
EDIT: The Huge Hex is actually 2.5 miles across!

Zooming in was a snap. I just selected the area, told it 5 hexes for each hex selected and it converted it all. I had to do some touch-up around the edges and added a little forest. The majority of the time I spent adding buildings based on Erin Smale's, Population for Low-Fantasy Population generator, from his blog; The Welsh Piper.

From that I gleaned the following about Skelan:
Population: 974
Occupies: 1.22 square miles
Nobles: 28, Officers: 10, Clergy: 8, Freeholders: 66, Citizens (Farmers) 858, Hirelings:4
Ruling House: 6 Relatives, 4 Servants, 3 House Guard, 1 Sergeant
Additional Nobles (2 Houses) w/ 14 people
Reeve: 1, Messor: 1, Woodward 1, Constable: 1, Law Enforcement: 6
Mansions: 3
Churches: 2
Businesses: 79
Municipal: 1
Homes: Alot! 129

It took me longer to type this than to do it. The map isn't great, but it was fun doing!

Hope you can use it,



  1. I just took advantage of the sale as well. Now I just need some time to experiment with it.

  2. I don't think you will be disappointed, I surely am not! Can't wait to see what you come up with. It is actually quite relaxing for me for some reason. I have found when Mr. OCD and Mr. ADD show up, I just fire up Hexographer and go crazy (see newer post with all the monster lands)!


  3. Just a quick note: your buildings can have more realistic roofs. (Ceramic, wood or thatch.) Look a drop-down and/or a radio button near the bottom of the map items tab. To change the existing buildings on your map, you'll have to select the building then change the Texture.

    Also note: I think I found a new bug, in that the buildings in the map items area seem to have disappeared and are just noted by number. Until I get it fixed within the next few days you may need to experiment to determine which is which and jot that down.

    1. Joe, thanks for stopping in. I knew about the roof options, but at the scale I did the building (IIRC at 18%) it was hard to distinguish some of them, especially the Thatched.

      I hadn't encountered such a bug, but I did find something odd about saving files. Will have to recreate it once I am home and put it on the Hexographer cite.

      I had been playing around with my own custom Hexes that have building and roads in them, with varying success. Each hex had a road running to the flat edge of the hex and 'ant sized' building in it for a top-down from space look. I had to bump them up to 125% as I recall to get the roads of adjoining hexes to meet up. I liked the affect, but haven't followed up on it yet. Probably what I will use for the other City when I explode it (Child Map). I like the simplicity of 100-120 ppl per 500+/-' hex.


  4. I just made the plunge earlier today, and this post was a definite motivation. Your map looks really good.

    1. Thanks! Hope you like it as much as I do. The 'Child Map' function is awesome. Doing the zoom in thing with the free version... well, I don't know how I did it without the Pro Version now.

      Can't wait to see what you do with it! Mapping has taken on a whole new thrill for me now.



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